There are certain essentials that every person and household should have for a comfortable living. The essential items help us to lead a life worth living by protecting us from strain, pain, stress, and distractions and enhancing our quality of life. This article contains detailed information about the household and personal essentials you must own and the best brands you can find at the most favourable prices. The suppliers offer exciting discounts to customers.

Coffee machine

Having freshly brewed coffee at home is a luxury that you deserve. Buy now a coffee maker at ALDI, you’re sure to love making delicious coffee every morning.

A delicious cup of coffee

Buy the best coffee in the world at Whittard. There’s an adventure in every cup with their globe-spanning range of speciality coffee, state-of-the-art brewing equipment and expert tips to master cafe-style creations at home.

Bluetooth Speaker

On Roberts Radio, you’re going to find portable speakers for homes. Whatever your style, there’s a Beacon that’s meant for you and your home. This statement portable wireless speaker is available in a variety of instantly iconic colours, and ranged across the 330, 320 and 310 models – each with crystal clear, rich sound quality and a range of features including up to 15 hours battery life.

Wallpaper that fits you

Personalize your space with wallpaper that represents your personality. Little Greene is an eco-friendly, family-run business, cataloguing 300 years of paint and wallpaper. Based in the UK.


Leave behind those boring lamps of a single colour, we know you want to give a modern touch to the lamps in your home. Which shade? Head on over to the Lampshade Buying Guide of Pooky, and you’ll be fluent in no time.

Floor Lamps

Let your floor lamps be the most original in the neighbourhood. In The Lightzey you can buy floor lamps, their catalogue is very extensive, and they have lamps that can be placed in the living room, bedroom, outdoor areas or at parties, and can make different size lights into combos.


Let your home become a palace thanks to the stylish chandeliers you can buy at First Furniture. This store has an incredible selection of chandeliers. They will definitely give that avant-garde touch to your home that you want so much.

Garage Gym Essentials

At MuscleSquad, we believe in beautiful home gyms. Whether it’s a mat at the end of your bed or a fully kitted-out converted garage—where you work out should fit your space as well as your needs. Here we’ve collected the home gym equipment best suited for a dedicated workout space:

Contact lenses

If you are one of those who need glasses to be able to see, we recommend you take a step towards contact lenses. Contact Lenses is an online retailer specializing in contact lenses plus solutions and accessories and have been online since 1996 and selling contact lenses direct to customers since 2002. In that time we have despatched over 4 million orders, and we take pride in the fact that over 90% of orders are from existing, satisfied customers.


Take your style to the next level with luxury necklaces from Thomassabo. You’ll be the talk of the town with this high-quality jewellery. Browse the catalogue of necklaces on their website and buy your favourite now.

Jewellery Cleaners

Clean and maintain your precious jewellery collection with the professional jewellery cleaners of Joshua James. From traditional gold and silver jewellery cleaner solutions to cleaning gel sticks and jewellery wipes, our jewellery cleaners range has got your collection covered.

Quality Beer

Choose from our selection of delicious PerfectDraft kegs, mixed beer cases or fridge fillers, including Belgian beers, German beers, American beers and British beers. There’s something for every taste! When you buy beer online at Beer Hawk, you not only benefit from FREE DELIVERY (Restrictions apply) on all orders over £50, our quick turnaround means you’ll never be caught short of cracking beer, PerfectDraft or last-minute beer gifts.

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